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Rules & Regulations

  • There are absolutely no criteria to become a member of RJ VA (age, experience, etc). Every applicant is accepted as long as the applicant is an IVAO active member.
  • New Pilots must submit their first PIREP within 15 days of the date of acceptance of  Their application. Those who do not will have their membership revoked. 
  • Pilots shall fly a minimum of one flight per month.
  • All flight must be done on IVAO network and PRIEPs must be sent using CAVacars/kACARS reporting softwares.
  • All Pilots are initially assigned the rank of “Trainee” automatically. This rank can only be promoted by the increase of their flying hours.(Ranks are shown on this page :
  • Pilots must follow the flight routes published by RJA VA at all times.
  •  Pilots should fill their IVAO flight plan remarks (Item No.18) as written in the Pilot Brief for each flight, however, Pilots could change some items according to their flight situation.
  • All RJA VA’s regular operations flights have a designated aircraft in their flight plans. 
  • This is the preferred aircraft type but is by no means restrictive and Pilots are free to use Whatever type they wish within RJA fleet (Airplanes that are not operated by the real RJA should not be used).
  • Flight time shown in the Pilot Brief is the time from block to block; that is, from blocks off to blocks on.
  • Maximum acceptable landing rate is -600 fpm , any PIREP that has an excessive landing rate will be rejected . (Unless there was a reasonable excuse for this excessive landing rate - Pilots should write their explanation in the flight PIREP at the Remark section). Submitting too much PIREPs with an excessive landing rate could lead to a membership revoking/suspension. 
  • A maximum disconnection of 30 minutes on the network will be accepted due to FS crash or Internet disconnection
  • Flight times shown in the schedule are not restrective except for group flights and events.
  • Pilots should not book any flight if they are not sure of flying it within 24 hours.
  • Not following the rules above, membership may be revoked at any time by the CEO with whom this authority solely resides. RJA VA reserves the right to amend this Rules & Regulations at any time without notice and at its discretion and members agree to abide by its most recent version.

    Happy Flights