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Local Destinations Reached in Comfort

The Embraer 195 is a Brazilian-made, narrow-body aircraft serving routes within the Levant. On short
flights, both Crown and Economy class passengers will discover a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in
addition to comfortable seating and an outstanding range of services and amenities.

  Technical Data   Internal Structure
 Maximum Takeoff Weight  52290 KG  Crown Class  12 Seats
 Maximum Fuel  16153 L  Crown Class Row  Rows 1-4
 Maximum Range  1650 NM  Seat Spacing  42"
 Speed  875 Km/Hr  Economy Class  88 Seats
 Span  94'3"  Economy Class Row  Rows 7-29 LH & RH
 Lenght  126'10"  Seat Spacing  34"
 Tail Height  34'7"