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Fly the Essence of Air Travel

The Airbus A320 is our aircraft of choice for destinations in the Middle East and Europe. This French-made,
narrow-body, twin engine airplane offers passengers a full range of features and amenities, including
spacious seating and personal entertainment screens, whether in Crown or Economy class.

  Technical Data   Internal Structure
 Maximum Takeoff Weight  77000 KG  Crown Class  16 Seats
 Maximum Fuel  23860 L  Crown Class Row  Rows 1-4
 Maximum Range  2100 NM  Seat Spacing  46"
 Speed  916 Km/Hr  Economy Class  120 Seats
 Span  111'10"  Economy Class Row  Rows 7-26
 Lenght  123'3"  Seat Spacing  32"
 Tail Height  39'8"